Ok, so here I'm going to write in english for practice, and i hope with this practice tomorrow y can talk well in english.

So ím going to start with the first interview question.

Why you decided to study biomedical engineering?

Well, when i was in highschool, i like physiology and anatomy. I always had good grades at those subjects, lately i start with physics lectures and calculus, and i like that subjects, so taking that in count i think what university programme i can choose that have all that subjects, so i decided for biomedical engineering.

How good are your practical laboratory skills?

Well, i have to say, that in all the four years during my bachelor i take classes in laboratories, where i used function generatos, scopes, power supplies, and multimeters. Lately on my thesis project i have been used an spectrum analyzer to tune a radio frequency coil. I think i have good laboratory skiils

Sorry about my english, have been so long since i don't take an english lesson, i mean i don't practice grammar, a lot, but i can read it and translate without problems, and i think with more practice I can talk more fluently.

How good are your computer skills?

I think im good with computers, more than any average user, i don't know but when someone told me that he have a problem, i can imagine what happen, im good at solving computer issues, and learning to use new software. For example for my thesis project i need to learn how to use comsol multyphisics to do electromagnetic simulations, so i learn with tutorials, and all in english. So to be clear, i have no problem with computers, i think i have good computer skills.

Give an example of where you have to communicate effectively?

When i was doing my thesis project, i based my project on an article written by a russian scientist, so, i need to know a lot of things, that books don't say, so i start sending emails to him, asking questions, and he always answer me what i was looking for. So altough the english isn't my native language i think i can communicate in an effectively way. Of course i perform better in spanish. I write a blog on the internet and while more i write more easy is to me explain something in a effectively way.

What benefits did you gain from your placement?

I learn a lot of the magnetic resonance technque, and the way the people work in a laboratory.
I had an opportunity to present a scientific poster in a simposium,
Also i learn the process of instalation of a Magnetic Resonance.
Inclusive i saw how is the work of a Field Engineer

And here goes the better one question.

Why do you want to work at bruker?

Well, first of all, because the last year i have been working with scientific equipment, like Nuclear Magnetic Resonances, and i want to follow that way, i think im good understanding scientific issues. And oportunities like this scientific work, are very few in mexico city, and i really want to take it, i think I am the a guy who can do the work that bruker needs.

Bliss gave me some papers with the Infrared Spectrometers, and i start to do some research about the subject, i already know what is a reciprocal centimeter, the vibration modes that can appear in a molecule, i already have the idea about how interferometer works. I have been downloaded som spectroscopy books, im very interesting in that job.

And there are another thing, the change coin in the next years will be knowledge, and bruker make knowledge and i think im good at learning new things.

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